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Through 20+ years of working with the most innovative, progressive and successful companies in the industry, we at VSF have gained a vast store of knowledge you can benefit from.:

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From Strategy to Execution



Let's have a close look at and define your company's current status, its needs and its challenges. Envision and define your short-term-, mid-term- and long-term goals and let's begin.


Research and Development

Let's create a blueprint for the best future version of your businesses' organization and processes and develop a fitting strategy to make it happen.



Let's introduce a clear timeline to efficiently implement your chosen strategy and talk about tailor-made services that might be complementary to the plan.


Implementation and Progress

Let's choose and apply the most efficient strategies, tools and services suited for your business from our extensive portfolio and elevate your business performance, now.

This is more than just a simple upgrade to your digital factory - transform your entire business into the efficient and productive powerhouse it's supposed to be

Partnership that brings Results

Since our founding days, we've been in charge of the wholistic and sustainable digital transformation of our customers. Fortifying your Smart Factory for the future and driving innovation - This is the VSF way.

More about our TEAM

Innovation Workshop

This 3-Hour Immersion will provide you with a deeper understanding of how to transform and optimize your company's organizational structure and your work processes to set you on the right course towards a future of innovation, productivity and efficiency.



Prepare to be introduced to services and products which will boost your business.


Benefit from our expertise in the application of lean and agile concepts and innovative approaches to transform your business.

Meet the Expert

Get the expert guidance you need to take your business to the next level. Based on your company's needs one of our experts will be chosen to personally assist you every step of the way.