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Partnership that brings Results

Since 2011 we deliver IT services and solutions to big challenges with a help of open-minded, great people on board. With a soul of a startup and agility at heart, we like to look ahead of the industry.

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Optimists by choice

We believe that to every puzzlement there is at least one solution. That's why we like to poke around and discover the most optimal problem-solving scenarios.

Consensus driven culture

We work with each other rather than for or against each other. Our aim is to come up with proposals that work for everyone and enable ‘win-win’ solutions.

High standards

We strive for excellence in everything we do by growing diverse fields of expertise and promoting continuous self-improvement. We like what we do, so we like to do it well.


We exercise transparency to build engagement, trust and accountability within our team and towards our partners: suppliers, customers and competitors. For us sharing is caring.

Strong Partnerships

We celebrate achievements together with our partners and see successes as a source of mutual inspiration which drives us to take on next challenges.

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Service Partners

Trained to manage complexity, we believe in the power of strategic partnerships. Whether it's about sharing specialized know-how or bringing new ideas to the table, by working together we can do so much more.

Business Landscape

We usually work with individuals and teams representing:


Production companies choose us for our proven experience in developing solutions to production issues and process optimization.


When being adaptive and lean comes into play, new brands like to work with us as we match their speed and can become their growth partners.

Automotive Sector

Experts responsible for engineering or vehicle homologation choose our digital solutions to optimize their day-to-day operations, from product ideation to legal and compliance aspect of the product.

Marketing Departments

Marketers choose our e-commerce solutions to manage presentation of varied and extensive range of products, improve customer purchasing experience, and accelerate future online sales success.

So far, we have supported amongst others:

Let’s make an impact together

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