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Simplify and Accelerate Your Vehicle Compliance Processes

Granular processes like Type Approval Submissions as well as National and International Registrations are necessary to market any type of vehicle anywhere in the world. Such crucial processes demand a neat solution without time-consuming and error-prone technical workarounds, manual configurations or digital safety pins.

VCX, our Vehicle Compliance 4.0 Assistance Software, handles your Vehicle Compliance formalities for you. By standardizing, automating and funneling your Engineering and Homologation process data though safe channels, it seamlessly keeps your relevant documents up-to-date, correct and compliant with the current regulations of your target market. This will give you the time and space you need to focus your energies on your core business

Meet your new Assistant, VCX

VCX is a true powerhouse assistant, well versed in the intricacies of the EU Type Approval Process and all related legal requirements. It will effortlessly provide all documents relevant to your specific business - conveniently pre-configured and kept up-to-date with the latest legislation changes.

VCX makes sure to provide impeccable documentation for your products every step of the way from Homologation to Vehicle Registration - with time to spare before the start of production.

Compliance has never been easier.

Vehicle Compliance 4.0 - Smart Strategies for a Smart Industry

Every day, E-Government requirements, manufacturing processes and products themselves become more and more reliant on digital procedures. To keep up with these rapid developments while balancing purpose-driven work processes, innovative product development, accountability and compliance, a swift upgrade to Vehicle Compliance 4.0 is vital.

Take a new approach to this proverbial fight against windmills and allow an Expert to handle these matters for you.

VCX - Rising to the Challenge

The Wheel of Legal Changes

Timely data updates in alignment with the relevant EU Authority's catalogue of laws and automatic adjustments to your documents will free you of this never ending task.
Time is of the essence

Systematic and automatic data collection and entry, relevant and up-to-date documents and type approvals will have your Homologations Department ready for anything - from start of production to finished product ahead of time.
Staying on top of things

Built-in Tracking and monitoring mechanisms will provide you with a 360° overview of your processes at any given time, in no time at all.

Vehicle Compliance 4.0 made easy

VCX Supports

It is always in possession of the latest legal requirements specific to your chosen target market. Pre-configured interfaces steadily and securely guide you through all the required steps of documentation for type approvals, vehicle registration and anything in between.

VCX Combines

It stores, manages and processes all of your relevant data in one place. That way, VCX supports secure, immaculate data-retrieval and compliant data-processing during every step of the way to a completed document ready to be submitted to the authorities.

VCX Connects

It provides you with the means to not only store and manage your data but also to safely communicate, share and work on it with all the relevant people involved in- and outside of your company.

VCX Controls

It provides you with the means to not only store and manage your data but also to safely communicate, share and work on it with all the relevant people involved in- and outside of your company.



Power to You

- The assistant that gives you the support you need when you need it

VCX is designed to be a helping hand every step of the journey. It will help you gather, manage and maintain direct control of the data relevant to your documentation process within the crucial departments, be it engineering, homologation or sales.


Open Markets

- The assistant that opens the gate to all EU markets to you

VCX keeps you apprised of the goings-on in the various, ever-evolving legal systems, rules and regulations of the European Union. It also applies the necessary adjustments to your documents to keep everything correct, compliant and ready to be approved by the authorities of your target market.


Worldwide Growth

- The assistant that guides your business out into the world

By providing you with the efficient and adaptable framework necessary to expand your business across borders worldwide, VCX will have you ready and well prepared for the future.

VCX - One Assistant, three Toolkits

Choose the perfect Assistant for your Team

VCX Basic
Pay as you go
VCX Advanced
Registration & Data Management
SaaS / Licence
VCX Premium
Type Approval
SaaS / Licence
Printing of CoC registration documents for all types of EU vehicle categories
Printing of national registration documents for all types of EU vehicle categories
Support of integration into E-Government Services (IVI-CoC – KBA / RDW)
Automated creation of registration documents
Support of complex product configuration variables
Optimized Type Approval Workflow for Information Documents

VCX Basic

Registration Services

VCX Basic will help you to create manageable vehicle variant templates both for CoC, IVI-CoC and nationally required registration documents.

VCX Basic will introduce automated vehicle registration completion and printing flows into your product delivery processes.

Adjustable payment methods, along with our easily expandable systems, will make VCX Basic fit into your business plan and will be right there, growing with you as you go.

In case your budget plan requires a maximum of predictability you might consider our Prepaid Bundle a fitting solution. This Package-Deal will provide you with discounts of up to 65% to help you get the most out of your current budget and set a solid course for success.

VCX Advanced

Registration & Complex Data Management Services

in addition to everything VCX Basic will provide you with, VCX Advanced will help you to systematically create and manage vehicle variant configuration templates specified to your Type Variant Versions (TVV).

Furthermore, VCX Advanced will introduce automated vehicle registration and printing flows directly into your product delivery processes.

VCX Premium

Focus Type Approval

The VCX Premium assistant will be all you need to cover and manage any intricate complexities within your entire vehicle compliance workflow by combining the other versions' benefits and taking your Type Approval Processes to the next level.

VCX Premium gathers, stores and manages all Type Approval relevant data within a single data core and makes it readily accessible to you.

Automated compliance check-ups will be added and directly integrated into your Type Approval submission flows within your product delivery process.

Let’s make an impact together

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The Process of Implementation



Thoroughly review your current Homologation and Vehicle Registration processes. Discover possible anchor points for improvements and discuss a best possible outcome for your business.


Project Definition

Define a smart, standardized Homologation and Vehicle Registration Process under involvement of all stakeholders such as your IT Department in order to get everyone on the same page right from the start.

Set a timeline and discuss specific contractual requirements such as NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and required services and solutions.



Team-up with your IT department defining integration requirements implementing VCX into your company's current software landscape. Make adjustments to plans, solutions and services accordingly.


Training / Operations

Train your staff with a hands-on VSF Training Session to enable everyone involved to comfortably get the most out of the newly implemented systems.

Consult with your IT department to discover possible operational requirements and decide on which tasks are to be performed by your IT department or by our VSF Managed Services. Consult with your IT department to discover possible operational requirements and decide on which tasks are to be performed by your IT department or by our VSF Managed Services.

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  • Can VCX also be installed locally?

    If your company's IT policy prevent installations of possibly data-sensitive systems on the cloud or the usage of Software as a Service (SaaS) concepts, VCX can be hosted and managed by your IT department on their preferred public cloud space, private cloud or in-house server infrastructure, respectively. We at VSF provide our managed support services for all versions of hosting.

  • My current solution is working well enough, so why should I change anything?

    Because VCX will help you future-proof your business. He has you covered not only with the recently added EU guidelines for mandatory electronic IVI-CoC documentation, he will keep you covered with timely adaptations to any new regulations, additions and amendments that will undoubtedly come your way in the future.

    Because VCX takes in-house workflow bottlenecks out of the equation. Usually, internal solutions depend on an in-house contact that knows all about the inner workings of the solution in question. Should that contact be unavailable, the flow of information may come to a screeching halt. To avoid delays and the possibility of lost opportunities, VCX does not create any such dependencies - instead, he'll keep the flow of information running and you in the loop by introducing standardized processes.

    Data flow bottlenecks on the authorities' side of the process also poses a serious hurdle for both people and solutions involved. In order to leverage the downtime of authority IT-Systems, VCX provides you with a robust and solid process to ensure guaranteed delivery of your electronic documents to the respective authorities.

  • Is my data really safe and secure in the cloud space from prying eyes and what do you do to guarantee continual, seamless safety?

    First and foremost, all data will be encrypted and stored in an enclosed and secured space.

    This space is physically located and managed in High-Security Microsoft Azure data centers within the borders of the EU.

    We at VSF initiate regular security clearance protocols to be carried out by external IT Security Experts.

  • My current solution fits right into my budget. How can there be a more economic choice than that?

    VCX Basic provides you with the full-service Document package as PayAsYouGo option for maximum budget control and flexibility to work for any size of business.

    In addition, VCX includes Prepaid Packages and regular Volume Discounts of up to 65% to further reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (ToC).

  • So all of this happens automatically and digitally. How do I actually get my hands on a printed document?

    Each completed document will be made available as PDF in an optimized format to fit the official standardized forms. Should you desire to review and inspect a fully completed form before submitting its digital counterpart, simply print it like any other document.