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Product Development

Quality at VSF Experts

There are many reasons why you want to move your organisation towards Agility - Faster time to market, higher Quality, happy employees. In this article we will explain how we at VSF made agility to work in our development process while keeping the focus on Quality.

Engineering Homologation

Relics of the Past: Paper Processes

Digitalization efforts in homologation from Governments in Europe (and world wide) can be frustrating, especially for vehicle manufacturers. If you are used to the processes as they were, which are largely based on conventional paper documents, there seems to be a lot of investment ahead, without any obvious benefit. But is that true?


Engineering Homologation

Interview with VCX PO Jens Cram

Learn from Jens Cram how our Vehicle Compliance Xpert (VCX) Software can have an impact on your Homologation, Vehicle Type Approval and Vehicle Registration Process.


Engineering Homologation

VCX Prinzipien

Unser Product Owner Jens Cram erklärt die Prinzipien von VCX: ein zukunftsorientierter, digitaler Typgenehmigungs- und Zulassungsprozess, der die Homologation in Ihrem Unternehmen deutlich zuverlässiger und effizienter macht.

Part 1/3

VSF Experts Part 1/3

VSF 10th Anniversary CEO Interview

A talk with the CEOs on the occasion of the company's 10th anniversary - A glimpse into the inner workings, philosophy, past, present and future of VSF Experts directly through the eyes of the CEOs Andrew Van Scoter and Christian Friede.

Part 2/3

VSF Experts Part 2/3

VSF 10th Anniversary CEO Interview

The second segment of the 10th Anniversary Interview with our CEOs covers the current state of affairs, our company values, philosophy and culture - and how we at VSF live these principles every day.

Part 3/3

VSF Experts Part 3/3

VSF 10th Anniversary CEO Interview

The final segment of the 10th Anniversary Interview with our CEOs includes a bit of fun with the bosses, providing you with deep insights into the personalities of our CEOs and the future as seen through their eyes.

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