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Our Next Generation Vehicle Compliance 4.0 Services will smoothly complete your Smart Order Fulfillment Processes by connecting all branches into a unified whole.

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Optimal Product Delivery of Vehicles

Our services enable manufacturers to keep their customers' product experience at the highest quality through the entire process. To begin with, our services equip manufacturers with up-to-date and correct vehicle registration documents tailored to their customers in a wide selection of languages, allowing them to smoothly complete the initial government motor vehicle registration processes anywhere in the EU.

Extending this approach, our services include ways for manufacturers to go that extra mile beyond the classic sales and delivery process. By promptly processing electronic versions of the COC, Type Approval and Registration documents to the E-Government Services of the relevant authorities, easy quality control is introduced right along comfort and customer care.

Vehicle Compliance 4.0

Expanding the IoT principles, our solutions allow manufactures to connect our services to their businesses' gadgets, for example automated scales and measuring units, to automatically trigger the completion of registration documents as the vehicle is leaving the assembly line.

In short, our solutions allow setting the optimal trigger for printing registration documents regardless of their order's purpose, final destination or current location. To help pinpoint and utilize those triggers, our services provide a bird's-eye view on and a connection between production timelines, registration data, and customer specifications.

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